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Lina and Zelgadis LJ Community

A community for Lina and Zelgadis!

Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated
Hello and welcome to the community!

I am your moderator, sleepw_pasthope; my name is Fallon (aka Takashi) and I have created this community for fans of the non-cannon couple, Lina and Zelgadis. Why? They may be a non-cannon couple for one, but let me remind you that we are aware that Lina and Gourry AND Zelgadis and Amelia are the cannon ones, but we prefer Lina and Zel as one.

Before you join, you have to follow these simple rules:

1.) No bashing
2.) Be nice and have fun!

See? They are simple as that! We will NOT tolerate flames/bashes/stupid comments/members that join to flame, otherwise you WILL be reported to the LJ Staff with your IP Address posted to them. So, PLEASE do not flame!

Members are welcome to post their stories/fanart/etc. but please use the lj-cut tag when you are posting your stories and fanart and whatnot.

Also, use this when you're posting your stories:

Fic title:
Chapter number:
Fic pairing(s):
Fic rating:
Fic summary:
Other sites the fic can be found:

The Lina/Zel pairing is allowed or that may involve another (i.e.: threesome (lemon), etc.) are allowed. Of course, this is strictly a community for fans of Lina and Zelgadis. ^^

When you join this community, please do not hesitate to introduce yourself and that way we may get to know you! Thank you!

Update as of 6/3/05 - Moderated membership has now closed. Once when you sign up, you're automatically joined. If another member comes in and bashes/flames/harasses another member they will be given a warning and if they refuse to stop then they will kicked out.
I also didn't want to keep approving the membership every time and so I'm just going to leave it open for now. Thank you! ^_^