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February 11th, 2012

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10:12 pm - Hello.
I just found this group. I have a fluffy little fic I wrote a couple of weeks ago to share.

Slayers Truth

They had set up camp for the night, and while the other adventurers set up their bedrolls, Zelgadis took first watch. He liked the quiet hours of the night, the way the moonlight made people pale and blue so that his own stone skin could pass for normal. He liked having time to himself to think about where they had been lately, what new things they'd seen, and whether hidden in the events of the day were any leads to how he could make himself human again. It was lonely, being a chimeric blend of human, demon, and golem. Sometimes being with his friends actually made him lonelier, as he contrasted his monstrous and unaging form with the height and handsomeness of the swordsman Gourry, his dour and cynical outlook to the manically idealistic priestess Princess Amelia, and most of all, to the optimistic, clever, and charismatic sorceress, Lina.
Spurred by his thoughts, his feet took him to the center of their camp, where his friends lay sleeping to one side of the campfire. Lina was closest to the dying embers, their light reflecting in her red hair as she tossed in her sleep. She muttered, "...Xellos, do you wanna keep that staff...?" Zelgadis stifled a laugh as her lip curled in response to her dream. He could practically see her rolling up her sleeves and chasing futilely after the teleporting monster priest. Her leg jerked and she twisted, tangling in her blanket. A trace of drool ran down her chin as she apparently relaxed out of the dream.
"Inelegant," Zelgadis said softly. She really was absurd most of the time. But... "Why do I find you so beautiful?" There, he'd admitted it, at least to himself. The real reason he felt lonely as he spent more time with them. It was the sense that they could only be friends.
"You're so young." He almost stopped himself from going on, but she snorted and flopped back onto her back.
"Waiter, send the bill to Seyruun," she mumbled.
"I know you're not ready for a relationship. You find Xellos' freshness frightening and embarrassing, and you don't moon over Gourry. Dreaming of princes is either a little girl's fantasy, or your mercenary streak. You've got to grow up before you can get serious." Her foot was twitching like a dog dreaming of chasing rabbits. It was no wonder she was skinny in spite of all she ate, but unbelievable how perky she could be in the morning when her dreams kept her restless.
"And I'm a monster. Too ugly for you to think of that way, even if your heart was seeking someone. This body is hard and cold, too. I... I'll probably never have another lover unless I can change." She let loose a terrible honking snore. He grimaced. He's try to remember moments like this next time he thought about sharing a bed with her.
And yet when he looked at her, he felt that his heart, unlike his skin, softened easily around her. "Your hair is like liquid fire. I've never seen anything so beautiful. I'd like to run my fingers through it, to kiss your ivory neck and tell you things that will make your bell-like laughter ring."
ZZZZZZzzzzzzzz. "Did Amelia feed the alligator?"
He smiled. "And you can tell me where you get these dreams from." His face darkened for a moment. "Maybe it's your link to the Lord of Nightmares. I wish you could have peaceful sleep, but it doesn't seem to harm you." He glanced over to Amelia, who slept huddled up, turned protectively away from where Lina's flailing limbs might strike.
"One day. Maybe in a few years, you'll be ready for romance. Maybe I can find a cure for this horrible form Rezo gave me. If I can find something soon enough, before you meet someone who... changes... everything." Now, suddenly, he felt like he would be lonelier if he did leave them. At least right now, the friendship the four of them had was the best thing in his life. Lina leading them, finding a way to believe they could triumph over anything, even the end of the world. "One day, I may tell you the truth. You changed my life. You taught me to hope."
His last words were a whisper as he turned away. "I think I love you, Lina Inverse. Sweet dreams."

The next day, as they took a path through airy woods leading to a border town where rumors flew of impending war, he was keeping an eye out behind them, having heard rustling sounds off one side of the path that could be a someone tailing them. Lina fell back and walked beside him. "Zelgadis," she said, "I have a concern about ethics, and since you seem to be the one person who reads philosophy instead of giving lectures on justice, I thought maybe I could run it by you."
"I'm all ears. You have an interesting sense of ethics, so I'm curious to know what could cause you a dilemma."
"It's a pretty straightforward question, I think. Is it eavesdropping if you listen in when a person is speaking to you?"
Zelgadis felt as if his heart stopped in his chest, yet he could feel a crimson blush rising beneath his stone skin. He quickly pulled his scarf up to mask his face. "Like, for instance, if someone was talking while you were asleep, and you woke up but pretended you were still sleeping?"
"That's a really good example."
Drops of sweat started to bead on his forehead. "From...?"
"'Inelegant'," she quoted back at him. "I'm an adventurer. I've made a lot of enemies, especially among bandit gangs. I sleep pretty light most of the time. It's a matter of safety." She suddenly slapped him on the back, hard enough to knock him forward. "We'll talk more about it later. You know, when I'm more mature."
She laughed at his bewildered expression, apparent even beneath his attempts to mask himself. "One thing, though, Zel. You are NOT ugly. So not." She grabbed his scarf off his face and ran away with it. "I'm gonna make you show your face at the next town!"
"You are not!" he yelled, a bit of growl in his voice that switched to laughter as he chased after her.

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