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Help! Lost my favorite fanfic. - Lina and Zelgadis LJ Community

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October 4th, 2010

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01:27 pm - Help! Lost my favorite fanfic.
Hi guys, I'm looking for my absolute favorite fanfic of all time-- but for some psychotic reason, I never wrote down the title or the author and I can't find any bookmarks I may have made. I think I found it in 2006 or so.

It was a Slayers fanfic, medium length, centering on Zelgadis. The group is running around adventuring as usual, but he's trying not to show that his human, golem, and demon sides are struggling with each other and having arguments in his head, in italics. Xellos makes things worse as only he can. I think at some point Zelgadis finds an artifact or spell that he thinks may lead to his cure, but the price is awful and he's very conflicted. There was a terrible nightmare. I think I remember some kind of imagery involving a goblet of blood. Zelgadis finally loses it and savagely attacks Lina. He flees in shame, and at the end when Lina finds him again he's transformed himself into a tree so he can't hurt anyone again.

It was a mature, tragic, and very dark story, though I don't think it gets very graphic-- whatever he did to Lina happens mostly off-screen and is left a sinister mystery. It had some funny moments, but overall it was pretty intense.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? I've been searching for quite a while, and there's a huge volume of fic out there to wade through. I've had no luck so far.
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